Make the most of every interaction.

Emergenetics+ enables you to quickly and easily understand the innate ways people think and behave and how you should communicate with them.

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No more guessing.

Know exactly how to communicate with the people around you.

Emergenetics+ gives you tips, tools and talking points that make life easier.

The workplace just got a whole lot more productive.

With Emergenetics+, teams can work smarter, more efficiently and with greater collaboration…just by knowing who is on the team and how they work best.

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Emergenetics+ in Action

The intelligence you need to truly connect with any person - at your fingertips.

More Productive 1 on 1 interactions

Emergenetics + provides specific, clear communication tips unique to each person you speak with. Whether you're talking to a friend, co-worker, or significant other, this helps to eliminate personality conflicts and allows everyone to speak in a common language.

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A Straightforward Way to Connect with People

Emergenetics+ provides words and phrases specific to a person's innate thinking and behaving Preferences. Quick-hit tips make conversations more to the point. Interactions tailored to Preferences accelerate the trust cycle between individuals.

Teamwork Made Easier

A visual representation of preferences makes putting together the right people for any job easy. Create teams on the fly, understand how each person on your team operates, and see where potential conflicts could arise.

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Learning on the Go

Make it easier for people to implement Emergenetics training every day. People-centric information is available to employees at all times - which helps make workshop learning stick, training relevant to the day-to-day, and ensures that your team is doing the most with their valuable time.

Informed Talent Management

Emergenetics+ helps HR, Training, and C-Level professionals build a data driven HR strategy. Understand the make-up of teams, diagnose interpersonal needs, and track how employees work together to ensure productivity and performance are at their highest levels.

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How Does it Work?

Check out the features you’ll use to create more meaningful connections and ramp up your interpersonal effectiveness.

Build High Performing Teams

Create clear reports for teams and groups that that highlight cognitive preferences and behavioral tendencies to showcase how groups work together.

Side by Side Profile Comparison

Compare the thinking and behavioral tendencies of two people side by side. Instantly know where conflicts might arise and where they’ll see eye-to-eye.

Personal Communication Tips

Know exactly how to communicate with others through customized tips and considerations.

Tailored Interaction Strategies

Know the best way to interact with another person based on their thinking and behavioral Preferences.

Gain Greater Self Awareness

Your Emergenetics Profile shows where your natural strengths and tendencies lie and indicates where you might struggle and where others could help you.

Find the Right Person for Any Problem or Situation

Search for people inside and outside of your organization who can amplify the existing strengths of any group and work in complementary and efficient ways.

See it in Action

Emergenetics+ makes understanding people easy, fun, and meaningful. See it in action.

See Emergenetics+ in action in the workplace

Check out the great features of Emergenetics+

What is Emergenetics?

Emergenetics+ is built on a powerful platform of thinking and behavior.
We’ve helped people around the world realize their potential for more than 20 years.

What is Emergenetics

Emergenetics reveals the unique ways an individual prefers to think and behave.

As a result, it brings a clearer understanding of how people work, communicate, and interact with others.

Rooted in the concept that who you are today is the emergence of your genetic makeup and life experiences, the Emergenetics Profile is a brain-based, psychometric assessment that provides an accurate measure of the four Thinking Attributes and three Behavioral Attributes that every person exhibits. It creates a common language by which people can more effectively communicate and bring about better results in any situation. It empowers the individual, strengthens teams, and transforms organizations.